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We were a Brighton-based nursery with attached co-working space, empowering parents, freelancers, employees working remotely and entrepreneurs to take control their time in an unprecedented way. Officrèche’s nursery has closed its doors after nearly 6 years of business. We had a wonderful time in business, built a thriving community, had significant positive economic and social benefits in Brighton & Hove, and have also pioneered a new model of flexible childcare. We’re now looking to support similar projects all around the globe.


Everyone is thinking about it. Multinational companies are exploring flexible childcare services for their employees, whilst independent childcare providers are integrating workspaces for the growing number of self-employed and flexible workers. As pioneers in this sector, we’re ready to support your venture to develop similar services. Whether you’re a nursery, a co-working space, or a business looking to support employees, all of the knowledge on how to provide excellent flexible childcare – and the software to enable it – still exists. I’m already sharing this with projects all over the UK – and I’m available for consultation on all aspects: setup, principles, government regulation, running costs – and the obstacles. Our online booking system can be licensed for you to use under your brand. and I am available to share/consult on developing such a venture. We’re at a revolutionary point for modern families and the childcare system, and this is your opportunity to learn from the pioneers in this movement. Drop me an email on or call me on 07957 555125 if you would like to know more.


Finally, for parents, this site will remain up and running –  we built a huge blog over the years, and it is packed with great articles and is a fantastic resource for the parent community in Brighton and beyond. My thanks are heartfelt – and go out to every member of our community, whatever your age, for all that have you contributed since I began this business in September 2011.

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