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Watching things grow – seeds, soil and water

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Cress grown by children at Officreche

Cress grown by children at Officreche


Children love to explore and ask comments about the natural world – particularly discussing how things grow, change and decay.

Planting encourages children to explore and learn through their senses and also helps them to understand where food actually comes from.

Some children genuinely believe that food comes from Tesco – imagine their delight when they realise their good takes a much more exciting route to their plate!

At Officreche we’ve been growing cress and beans, other ideas families can try at home include:

  • Radishes
  • Salad leaves
  • Herbs

These also grow easily and quickly but most of the action is underground:

  • Strawberries
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

Since these seeds germinate so quickly, children can see results rapidly.

Our children have enjoyed measuring heights; practicing counting and recognising numbers.

They have learnt about growth and used all their senses of taste, touch and smell.

It has helped the children expand their vocabulary as they describe what they observe.

Children's drawings of plants grown at Officreche

Children’s drawings of plants grown at Officreche


As the plants germinate, the children have drawn what they saw using crayons and pencils.

This encourages them to observe as well as  develop their fine motor skills by getting them ready to hold a pen effectively.

Every day when the children arrive at nursery they rush over to the plants to comment on the changes they see.

This is a really easy activity to follow with children at home.

You can get cheap plant pots and seeds from many shops, or just dig a hole in your garden soil and plant there.

Once the plants are grown, you can enjoy tasting them together, cooking with them, cutting and peeling them.

Have fun.

For further information and advice please see the links below:

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