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Little ones love lambing – Tips for family friendly farming trips

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Toddlers meet orphaned lambs at Coombes Farm near Shoreham

Toddlers meet orphaned lambs at Coombes Farm near Shoreham

Spring is here and lambs are appearing in farmers’ fields with their mothers.

Many farms in Sussex open their doors to families so children can learn about rural life, writes Sarah Booker Lewis.

It is a chance for our youngsters to get up close to farm animals and learn about country life.

Coombes Farm in the Adur Valley between Shoreham-by-sea and Lancing, is a working farm with thousands of lambs and a beef cattle herd.

There is no play area, but barn with an education centre, loos and food. Wear wellies and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

It is a noisy experience as the tiny newborns bleat for their mothers and the ewes respond.
The Passmores have farmed the land for decades.

They believe all their lambs need a mother, so there are very few orphans and rejects.

However there are some lone lambs in a large pen children can get close to.

Lambs born

In the barn pens divide pregnant ewes and those who have given birth.

It is possible to see a birth as we did last year.

Once the lambs are settled with their mothers after a few days they go out to pasture.

Calves at Coombes stay with their mothers for nine months.

The newborns are also in a barn before going out on the downs.

Coombes Farm lambing is open for lambing from 9.30am-4pm until April 23.

For more information visit Coombes Farm lambing website

Limited lambing

Camilla and Roly and Saddlescombe Farm near Devil’s Dyke, host lambing over two weekends during April.

From April 1-2 and 8-9, visitors can visit the farm and may see lambs born.

The farm is open from 10am-4pm.

Find out more from Camilla and Roly’s lambing at Saddlescombe Farm

New flock

Middle Farm near Firle on the A27 between Lewes and Eastbourne, hosts its first lambing season this year.

Pam and Terry Wigmore formerly of the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre, have a small flock of 100 ewes and lambs are born daily.

There is no strict date listed by Middle Farm as it is a new experience.

However, there is plenty to see there. A multitude of rare-breed chickens, pigs, llamas goats and a Jersey dairy herd.

Middle Farm is geared up for family and school visits. Under threes are free.

Visit  Events at Middle Farm for details.

Spring Barn Farm in Kingston near Lewes is very geared up for family days out, with its adventure playground and soft play in the barn.

During lambing season it has special events where youngsters can see the ewes and lambs.

Find out more from Spring Barn Farm’s Easter Holiday event website

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