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Ideas for Little People

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This week we have a guest post from Emily at Ideas for Little People…

The internet is packed with brilliant ideas for activities to do with the kids, plus a large number of terrifyingly complicated and entirely impractical ones. This is why I started Ideas for Little People – we hand-pick the best brilliant and simple activities for kids and deliver them to your inbox each week for free.

Ideas for Little People

My name is Em. I have two energetic boys under 5. I like making my kids laugh, playing games, making stuff, coffee and sleep. I don’t get enough of the latter.

Ideas for Little People grew from many nights spent in frustrated search engine spirals, hunting (through the fog of sleep deprivation) for things to do with the kids. Earlier this year, I had a revelation: Why not share my findings more widely? So I launched Ideas for Little People a source of free inspiration for frazzled parents, like me.

So far, we’ve clocked up nearly 3000 Facebook likes, published 20 newsletters and grown a sizeable subscriber list. I’ve learnt a lot along the way…

Ideas for Little People

  1. Glitter deserves its reputation as the herpes of crafts – you’ll find it on you weeks later but Preschool Powol Packets’ brilliant Glitter Volcano is totally worth it (featured in Science Experiments for Kids)
  2. Mud is occasionally yummy – see Oh! Nuts’ Dirt Pudding recipe featured in Mud and Minibeasts
  3. Rain never stops play – see Balloon Hockey by Creative Connections for Kids in Indoor Olympics.
  4. Lego can be stored in the freezer – see Lemon Lime Adventures’ Lego Ice Excavations featured in our Survive the Summer Series.
  5. Fear can assist learning – see the Alphabet Monster from I Can Teach My Child in Great Games for Kids.
  6. And drinking wine can have unexpected benefits – see Red Ted Art’s Cork Pirate Ships featured in Pirate Activities for Kids.

If you have children aged between 2 and 6 years old and have ever had that “what am I going to do with them now?” moment, don’t waste your time in search engine spirals, sign up for free weekly inspiration at

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