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Freelance or entrepreneur – childcare that suits your set up

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How do you work it as a mother? Do you have a baby that breastfeeds? Do you have a toddler that pulls at charger cables? Do you have a school child that wants to watch Dangermouse rather than practice phonics? Or do you have all three?!freelance childcare flexible

Is it time to join the freelance world?

So many parents change their patterns of work after having children; they want to be as present as possible as their little ones grow up, they may feel inspired to try a business idea that was also gestating during the 9 months of pregnancy or it could be that the costs of extended childcare just don’t make sense within their family budget.

If any of the above sounds like you, you must realize you are not alone – especially in Brighton and Hove. Have a look on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for #flexibleworking #mumsinbusiness #mumandworking #mumpreneursnetwork. Start a conversation with some likeminded parents – it’s not just mothers – and then make the links – you’ll see that you share many of the same issues: the marketing of your freelance work or business, your account deadlines, the juggling of work and family life.

It’s the last bit that I decided to tackle head on. I’m a mother of 2 – one now at school and the other still at nursery. My littlest qualifies for the 15 hours Early Years Free Entitlement so the costs are down from when they were both under 3 but I still need to juggle their hours at nursery and school – and my commute to pick them up.

Childcare that suits everyone

My business Officrèche does what it says on tin – and more.  You can use the Ofsted registered nursery with or without the co-working onsite – you could book 2 days one week and 4 hours a fortnight later. We’ve an online booking and payment system, so there’s no more paying for childcare when you don’t need it. You can Pay as You Go, buy a bundle of hours or a subscription – or cancel your session, with no penalties, up to 48 hours before it starts.

So in 2011, with a 1 year old and another about to burst out from my bump, we opened our doors – my design principle was to remove all that hacked me off about the inflexibility of traditional childcare.  Since then we’ve been helping 100s of families and their freelance lives. We have members who are journalists, architects, lawyers, entrepreneurs, work in the film industry, are students – they may be breastfeeding, encrusted in porridge or racing for the school run – we help them find a childcare solution that suits their particular need at the time.

What’s next for Officrèche

My new ask will be flexible childcare after the school run when Max starts in September – bittersweet freedom, less time with the boy (and rhinoceros, pictured) – watch this space if that might be what you need.

In the meantime, come along to our open morning on 9th July 10am-1pm and see how fine our staff really are.

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  • Sarah bleasdale

    Hi just seen your company on Twitter due to you following me . I’m a childminder of many years up in Manchester . From what I see you have a great idea with this office crèche thing .it can be such a faff for parents that work dif hours every week having to pick up and collect from minders adding time to their working day . Wishing you big success with this idea .i think in a few years I would like to shift from childminder to something like that in my area . So I will look out for you expanding and I may just apply as I’m sure my 20 plus years as an ofsted registered childminder will come in useful . I will watch how you progress .


  • Penny Ormerod

    Great post.

    Thanks for sharing us.


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