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Easter crafts round up

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This time of year, your little ones will be coming home from school or childcare with lots of lovely Easter crafts for you to lovingly adore. And who doesn’t love a fluffy chick card or two to pop on the windowsill in the holidays? Here are some of our favourite craft activities that you can easily do at home. Enjoy!

Easter Craft Round up~

Easter Chick cards

There are some fabulously simple ways to make an Easter chick card with a difference. We love this idea from Red Ted Art: using a thumbprint for the chick’s body and sticking that onto card. The result is very eye catching and extremely effective. Read how to do it here.

Preschool Crafts for Kids uses handprint cut-outs for the chick’s wings, which is a wonderful way to record little hands. Make sure you pop the date on the back as you’re bound to forget how tiny those little fingers were!

For something a little more involved (you’ll need to supervise a little more; this is also a great one for older kids) you can try this hatching chick from All Kids Network. Using a split pin, your chick pops from the egg- Peekaboo!

Easter Bunny crafts

We absolutely LOVE this idea for an Easter bunny with a difference. Print tiny feet with paint and cut them out; stick cotton wool for the fluffly body and then pop your little one’s face inside. How adorable? And again, you have a wonderful momento of those tiny toes!

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Easter craft

As expected, The Nurture Store has lots of Easter Bunny crafts to choose from, including links to some wonderful lollipops that you can make at home.

2Wired 2Tired also has a round up of Easter Crafts; we love her paper plate and footprint bunny!

Other activities

For something a little different, why not try some Easter themed sensory play? Take the play into the bathtub with plastic fillable eggs and submersible lights! Pop the lights inside the eggs and let them float on the water- little ones will love cracking the eggs and investigating the lights inside. For an added sensory element, you can turn off the lights and watch the eggs glow! Simple, yet great fun!

Play dough is another wonderful sensory material for little ones and you can make your own easily at home. The Imagination Tree has a wonderful tutorial on Surprise Eggs for Easter– take a look!

Lastly, Easter is not Easter without an Easter egg hunt! This activity has lots of wonderful learning opportunities for your little ones and can be easily set up. How many eggs can you find? What colour are your eggs? Have you found more pink eggs, or more blue eggs? Can you sort your eggs into groups? For extended activities you can number the eggs and ask your little one to order them; you can also pop lettered stickers onto the eggs and arrange them to spell your child’s name. For a hunt with a difference, use the plastic fillable eggs and fill with chocolate alternatives. Again, small lights can be used too- turn out the lights for a glowing Easter egg hunt!

Have fun!

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