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A guide to Brighton’s best coworking spaces

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Brighton is full of amazing services for freelancers. Support programs, MeetUp groups, wifi cafes, conferences, accountants specialising in small business, and much more to bring your self-employed journey to the next level. There are so many reasons why we reckon Brighton is the best city in the UK for freelancers.

One of those reasons is an array of fantastic coworking spaces. Coworking spaces have been popping up all over the country in recent years, tying in with the rise in the self-employed and freelance workforce. However, Brighton has been at the forefront of this trend, and freelancers in the city are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a workspace.

We’re doing our best to offer a fantastic coworking atmosphere in Brighton, but there are plenty out there.

What’s so great about coworking spaces?

Brighton’s got so many wonderful wifi cafes that you can work from. However, a coworking space offers so much more.

Coworking spaces are one-stop shops for freelancers, flexible workers, and the self-employed. A space which provides a full service akin to being in an office for a day. Spacious desks, free teas and coffees, lightning fast internet, and sometimes other extras such as meeting rooms. They’re the ultimate place to be for the freelancer who wants to get stuff done.

Even more importantly, they are host to a community. Officrèche is testament to that. We’ve seen people bond, projects start, businesses scale, and empires grow. You are in a focused environment, full of ambitious and creative people. It’s contagious – it’ll draw the best out of your work. And if you need someone else’s support on a project – a graphic designer, a web developer, a digital marketer, a copywriter – whatever it is, rest-assured there’s probably one sitting a few feet from you who will be happy to support and collaborate.

Try a Brighton Coworking Space

We’re proud to be part of the coworking community in Brighton. It may seem odd that we’re writing about and recommending similar businesses to our own in this article. However, anyone in the Brighton coworking world knows that it’s not a competitive space. We’re co-petitors, not competitors – we are fuelled by a passion for small business, entrepreneurship, and startups. When it comes to Brighton, there are some awesome companies offering coworking spaces. Here are a few recommendations…

The Werks

The Werks have nothing short of a coworking empire spread across Brighton & Hove. Whatever your business, there’s a space for you somewhere.

the werks hove

The Werks hosts numerous coworking locations throughout Brighton and Hove.

They have 10 locations, which are varied in their offerings. The original The Werks is based in Hove, hosting 80 semi-permanent residents and many more flexible workers coming and going everyday. The Print Werks based off of St James Street offers crafters and makers the perfect space to get working, be it sculpting, pottery, painting or anything else. Home Werks has plenty of offices, but also a sound studio and dark room for photography. Coach Werks near Fiveways is a wonderfully Brightonian space, full of creative and artistic people and a hippie vibe.

Where: The Werks has coworking spaces and locations all over Brighton & Hove. Some are specialised towards certain industries, others are more general. Depending on your needs, you could end up at one of several different locations!  However, the original The Werks in Hove is based at 45 Church Road, Hove, BN1 1AL

The Skiff

Ahoy there! The Skiff is based in the very centre of Brighton, and prides itself first and foremost on community. Hosting over 150 people at any one time, The Skiff actively encourages its members to collaborate and work together on various projects in order to offer an unstoppable force of amazing freelancers who can take on just about anything.

Beyond desks and buckets of ambitious atmosphere, The Skiff supports its community by offering regular events, playing host to at least a couple of MeetUps a week, training opportunities, and drinks evenings every couple of weeks to get your networking game on.

Where: Ironworks, 30 Cheapside, Brighton, BN1 4GD


The beautiful Platf9rm is a relatively new venture, but already making waves on the coworking scene. The first space launched at Tower Point in the centre of Brighton, and a Hove office is soon to come.

Platf9rm offers both coworking opportunities, and rentable offices within the same building. Whether you want a few flexible hours per month, or you’re a scaling business looking to venture into the world of office rental, Platf9rm have got you covered. This means that as your business grows, you may choose to take on a few new hires, and rather than relocating across Brighton, you just jump from a desk space to a small office in the same building instead.

Where: Floor 6, Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YR

One Girl Band

One Girl Band is a coworking space and community for female-identifying creatives. Emphasising the community aspect of One Girl Band, they focus on cooperation rather than competition – a new way of thinking about business, with collaboration and supporting each other as central tenets to the community.

This is emphasised by the additional services available to members of One Girl Band. Mentoring packages, branding support, and a whole host of events on anything from craft workshops to talks with experts and business leaders.

Where: 8 Vine Street, Brighton, BN1 4AG

Brighton Game Collective

Whilst the Brighton Game Collective are open to any digital creatives joining their space, the name should make it obvious that they specialise in game developers and designers. Alongside all the usual goodies such as free coffees, meeting rooms, and events for members, Brighton Game Collective hosts a huge library of books focused on video game development, support with PR for game-related announcements, and networking support to get in with the who-you-need-to-knows of the industry. We’re sure there’re plenty of opportunities for fun play-testing sessions of other people’s games too… This coworking space is a must for anyone working on indie games in the Brighton area.

brighton coworking spaces games

With a library packed full of game development related books, the Brighton Game Collective has an excellent knowledge base available for use.

Where: Vantage Point, New England Rd, Brighton, BN1 4GW

The FuseBox

Hosted by the wonderful Wired Sussex, who support the local digital and freelance economies through many means from directories to jobs boards to numerous events around Brighton. One of their many initiatives to support small and digital businesses in The FuseBox, a lovely coworking space playing host to numerous business in the digital and tech sector which are deemed ‘disruptive’. This means it’s packed with Brighton-based startups, as well freelancers in the creative and digital spaces. The FuseBox also aims to provide extra levels of support to businesses in those sectors. Training in digital technologies, support in crowdfunding, tackling archaic intellectual property laws and applying them to modern business and much more. The FuseBox is not for standard businesses in stable markets, and it makes that very clear from the get-go. But it provides an exceptional level of support to businesses in disruptive and newer sectors.

Where: Unit D-E Level 4 North, New England House, New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4GH

Entrepreneurial Spark

Entrepreneurial Spark is a little different, but worth us noting here. It’s not a standard coworking facility. You can’t simply book a desk and turn up. Rather, there’s an application process through which individuals (freelancers, solopreneurs, consultants etc.) and businesses (from startups to early-growth) must apply. Upon being accepted, you’ll gain access to a large coworking facility called The Nest. You’ll also undertake a programme of mentorship and training, which can last anything between 3 months and several years depending on your business’ size and ambitions. This setup is thus less based around a group of independent businesses coming together to form a network, and more around a top-down approach of training from expert business leaders, aiming to support businesses with growth and sustainability. It’s not for everybody, but if you’re ambitious about growth then Entrepreneurial Spark could be your answer.

Where: 149 Preston Rd Brighton, Brighton, BN1 6AF


Ok, we’re modest most of the time, but will you let us indulge in a little boasting for a minute or two? After all, everyone at Officrèche is incredibly proud of what we’ve created and what we do.

officreche brighton coworking space

Our coworking space at Officrèche.

We’re a multi-award winning community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, flexible workers, thinkers, makers, doers. We have an attached nursery, with truly flexible booking that can be done online, thus empowering parents to maintain control over their lives, start new ventures, and keep their businesses on track.

Hear from some of our parents…

Whether you’re a parent or not, Officrèche provides a space for your business to thrive and for you to network with like-minded entrepreneurially ambitious and creative people. For parents, we provide the perfect space to get stuff done, with your little one just a couple of rooms away. For the wider freelancing world, we provide flexible booking and a friendly community, as well as support when it comes to navigating the pitfalls of managing your business when children do come along!

Come and visit us for a free tour and with any questions about how Officrèche can support your business and childcare. We’re just a short walk away from Brighton Station. We look forward to hearing from you!

Where: 52 Dyke Rd, Brighton, BN1 3JB

Join a coworking space, join a community

So, there are a few of our favourites. Now it’s time to try them out – see how they fit with you. The practical benefits of getting out of the house and getting access to super fast wifi and a focused environment are great, but we reckon it’s the communities that make coworking spaces such incredible places to be part of. Surrounded by like-minded people, coworking spaces can drive your business forward, from the ambition that you have, to the training you get, to the bottom line as you meet collaborators and partners who can bring you new projects to work on.

The coworking spaces we’ve listed are happy to give people tours and show off their amazing facilities, so if you’re still on the fence, get in touch with them and book something in. If you’ve got other spaces to recommend, or stories about how coworking spaces have changed your business, then let us know in the comments below.

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  • Pippa

    I was just looking at coworking spaces for when I get back into freelancing – I’m taking maternity time off at the moment – I ddin’t know you existed but wow – my perfect solution! I hope to be in touch in a few months 🙂


  • Jennifer Grant

    Hi. Can i try out the office space without nursery? My little one is settled in Hove nursery and wouldnt want to move her until im really sure. Plus not sure where i can park!


    • Rob Post author

      Hi Jennifer, of course! Do give us a shout and we’d be happy to give you a tour. We have a few people who just use the coworking facilities, parents or not.


  • Luke Stillworth

    how much does one of these places cost?


    • Rob Post author

      Hi Luke – it’s extremely varied and depends on your needs. First and foremost is the question of how much you’ll use the service – if you’re looking for a desk once or twice a week for 5 hours at a time, that’ll inevitably be cheaper than desks that you’ll use everyday from 8.30am-7pm. Then it depends on facilities – do you just need a bit of space, drawers to lock your things away, access to meeting rooms, kitchen facilities etc.? And what about extras – training events and networking evenings may carry extra charges. Give us a shout at Officrèche and we can look at a pricing structure that can be tailored to your needs.


  • Eddie Turton

    Struggling to choose. I have an early stage startup that I’m looking to scale so feel I’ll need to be able to grow in a coworking space that I choose. I was thinking about The Werks but there’s something… I dunno… bland about them? Might look at Platform9 too.


  • Gareth Truss

    I’ve been using a coworking space in Eastbourne for about 2 months now and I’ll never go back. My 2nd bedroom is now a proper 2nd bedroom and not an office-cum-guest space. But most importantly my company is growing solidly in part thanks to leads that fellow coworkers have sent me. If you’re reading this and are not sure, just go for it. You’ll thank me later.


    • Rob Post author

      Thanks Gareth, which space are you using in Eastbourne? Glad it’s working out for you too – always nice to regain your home! 🙂


  • Laura Kenley

    cannot wait to move to Brighton. Your post on freelancing in Brighton has inspired me and I’m beyond excited to get there! Living in Milton Keynes at the moment and it’s leaving something to be desired… 🙂


  • Sally Verkaar

    Also looking at Brighton to move to (from the Netherlands), and working self employed for many years now. I am also looking at London but my husband has always loved Brighton.


  • Megan Alicia Retford

    oh gosh thank you, I’m a US based digital nomad, I’ve travelled 22 states and am heading to Europe in October. London and Brighton are my first stops and I have excitement and trepidation in equal parts. Look for organizations and facilities that I can work with when I arrive, and this coworking space article is JUST what I needed! It’s made me just a little less fearful, thank you! Love Megan, currently in Dallas, Texas!


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