Community incentives

If you come and volunteer as a parent-carer on the nursery floor (under the eyes of the fulltime staff), you can bank childcare/co-working hours for yourself and your child at a later date. Every parent-carer member must have a Disclosure and Barring Service check and go through an induction course – both of which Officrèche will arrange for you. 

We also love to barter skills - our co-working room was styled by a member in exchange for childcare and expenses, much of our social media strategy is managed by another mother in exchange for childcare - if you have a skill that you think we could use in our community, please let us know.

Be an ambassador...

Spread the word and we'll give you free childcare in exchange - take some flyers, write your name on them and go out about your daily life. We'll credit you one free childcare hour for every member you introduce. Talk to parents at baby and toddler groups, at dinner parties, in the bus queue - if you use us you'll know how good Officrèche is and word of mouth is our best marketing...

Join us

If it seems like we suit your family’s needs and you’re ready to join the Officréche community simply fill in your details and join us as a member. You’ll be able to book a visit to meet our staff and find out how Officréche will work for you.

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