Our newsletters are emailed to parents and carers at least once a month - to let them know what is happening at the nursery in general and specifically in the rooms where their child is being cared for.

This is our chance to brag (about nursery achievements), nag (about making sure parents arrive with time to hear feedback when picking up their child), beg (for donations from egg boxes to dressing up clothes) and inform (staff training, upcoming parent workshops).

We plan for each room on a two-week cycle, basing our activities around our children’s interests, so it is vital that you keep us posted on what your little ones are enjoying doing outside nursery. Use the form below or just email or speak to your child’s key person. We give you a high level view of the room specific activities for the past month and the coming month in each newsletter – along with a few suggestions for you to try at home.

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Tell us what you’ve been doing at home....

Whether it’s about a recent holiday, a favourite toy or a nature walk, let us know what you’ve been doing at home and we’ll try and feed these experiences into your child’s time at Officrèche.