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Spring Plans For Our Brighton Nursery

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New growth and shoots are being planned as the spring sunshine blazes through the window and I continue to digest the enormous amount of Easter eggs I have eaten…

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We’re learning inside the nursery and out – not just the kids but the adults too: hot on the heels of her level 3, Rhianna is storming ahead with the studies necessary for her to attain her level 5; Mikki is doing one day a month in Brighton Uni to enable her to achieve her BA Hons degree in Early Childhood Practice.


A new volunteer Silvia is joining us for the month of April, she needs experience in a contrasting setting to finish her training as an Early Years Teacher. Silvia is Spanish so I know our Yellow Room children will pick up a few words – we’d love to make this bilingual aspect a more permanent fixture, so watch this space.


We’ve invested in redeveloping our website so that it works more slickly on smartphones and tablets. It’s been five years since Concurrent built our website and back then, people used a mouse instead of a touchscreen…. I’m putting together a survey to gather opinions on this relaunch – our members are the best people to tell us what they want from our online booking system. Thank you for all the feedback so far.


And Dave Hunt has done us a great video for our home page – to help people realise exactly how flexible we really are. I am so grateful to the parents that starred in it, especially those who are not comfortable with being filmed – I am only in it for a second and I squirm… I reckon squirming is unavoidable when seeing oneself on screen… Please share the link to this with anyone who might be interested in joining us.


This should help our SEO as well, with Chelle McCann and her team at Social Sparkle blogging and tweeting and spreading the word through parenting and freelancing circles.


We’ve got Rob Trounce spotting marketing opportunities for us to engage with the freelance young professionals whether they have children or not – this is part of our extension of the use of our co-working space to people without children (yet…), all the while keeping a close hold on checks for safety and security.


In terms of our next moves as a business, we are looking outside Brighton at East London and Bristol and pilot projects for flexible childcare and co-working there. The kernel is always a suitable property and a committed parent to spearhead it locally – success then depends on recruiting and training the right staff and tweaking our offering to suit the local community. That is what we’ve learnt during our years of business and we are delighted to know what lies ahead is sharing that expertise, in partnership or by consulting.



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