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Touch it, feel it, squish the dough

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Stretchy hair gel play dough with glitter, created by Kirstine with preschoolers in Yellow Room

Babies and children in all the rooms at Officréche love playing with play dough.

They squish it, bash it, shape it and create with it.

The team of early years practitioners always make it a bit more interesting than commercially available doughs, and it is simple to make.

Extra texture by adding rice, visual stimlation with glitter and adding scents for smells, makes our own dough exciting.

This week preschoolers had great fun with an experiment by Yellow Room leader Kirstine, and her amazing stretchy dough.

Her idea involved creating an uncooked dough, without salt, by using hair gel.

Children helped mix together very cheap hair gel, corn flour and a small amount of plain flour.

After experimenting with the ratios, a gooey and elastic dough, more stretchy than usual but not as stretchy as slime, came into being.

At this point children added colour and helped kneed it together.

Kirstine said:  “Children love the marbling effect as the colour is added.

“We’ve worked on it together and the children suggested adding glitter to some of it, too.”

The ratio is roughly one part hair gel to two parts corn flour with just a few spoons of plain flour.

Once it has formed an elastic dough, use food colouring to make it bright and interesting.

It doesn’t last as long as traditional cooked doughs as salt acts as a preservative.

Five more fun and interesting play doughs to make at home

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Home made herb and spicy play dough from Craftulate.

Fizzy cloud dough from Powerful Mothering.

Edible marshmallow dough from One Little Project.

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