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The amazing Radio Reverb is Brighton’s premier community radio station. Set up as a non-profit, it exists to serve the community and support Brighton and Hove residents, projects, and businesses with its regular quality content.

One of the many fantastic shows on Radio Reverb is the Brighton Business Show, hosted by Laura Evans. Laura is passionate about supporting Brighton businesses with her monthly spot on Radio Reverb, where she talks with local entrepreneurs and experts, as well as sharing the latest around Brighton-based schemes and upcoming events for the Brighton business community.

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Laura Evans is behind the fantastic Brighton Business Show on Radio Reverb.

The elevator pitch on Radio Reverb

Laura’s show also features an elevator pitch challenge section, showcasing a business or project every month that’s doing something special in the Brighton area. Guests simply need to run through who they are and what their business does in 60 seconds flat. We’re always told the elevator pitch is a vital method to distilling the essence of a business down to its core, but the Brighton Business Show gives entrepreneurs the pressure and challenge of presenting their business on air.

Liz, Officrèche’s director and founder, took on the challenge for March 2017’s Brighton Business Show episode.

Give it a listen with the embedded player below. Liz’s pitch begins at 3:45, and successfully runs for almost exactly one minute! Laura also interviews Liz after the elevator pitch is done, with a few questions about Officrèche and how it began. If you want a bit more insight into Officrèche, give it a listen!

Radio Reverb is entirely run by volunteers. The Brighton Business Show itself is sponsored by Entrepreneurial Spark, who run one of their hatcheries in Brighton and Hove to support local business and new entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

You can also find Laura Evans on Twitter, and stay up to date with her show in order to get the latest news and knowledge about the Brighton business scene directly from Radio Reverb.

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