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A Day In The Life of Mikki

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Day in the life of a nursery practitioner

Hi ya, I’m Mikki. I work in the Green room with Emma & Georgina. The Green room is the environment for children aged 18mths to 30mths. In this blog I am going to tell you all about a typical day of mine.

I have been working with children in the Early Years age range for 9 years, in 3 different settings. Here at Officreche I have worked in the yellow room and have been in the Green room for the past year. I also take the lead on promoting positive behaviour for the under 3s, this entails attending training, helping with the behaviour policy, being the point of contact for staff, liaising with Tara (lead behaviour rep for 30mths to 5yrs) & outside agencies when needed, arranging meetings with staff for updates & observing children. I work 30 hours a week with a little overtime here & there. My start & finish times vary from 7:45 to 12:00 start & 10:00, 2:00, 6:15finishes. I will explain here about a long day 7:45 – 6:15, so you can get a good perspective of a day of a nursery practitioner.

6:10am – Yawn! Wake up.

7:00am – After a breakfast of cereal, toast & tea, getting washed & dressed I get my bus from Portslade.

7:45am – I arrive at Officreche & set up the room ready for the children. This entails unstacking chairs, putting up new sleep & nappy charts, making sure there are towel’s, flannels, sheets & blankets, and writing up what the children need for the day, i.e.  Sleeps, food & any special requests. I look on the planning to check what activities need to be set up & lay them out.

8:00am – Children begin arriving. I greet them with a big smile, hello & how are you? I ask parents how their child is & if the child is anxious or upset I speak to them in a soothing manner, have cuddles & use distraction methods. Children who are settled very rarely stay upset. This isn’t always the case & some children may need their main carer to stay awhile.

8:30 am – 10:00am – Children arrive throughout this time. I carry on greeting & the children that are here have free play. I let them explore & encourage them to participate in any adult led activities. This could be painting, scissors work, drawing, sticking, puzzles, group or one to one games & cooking.

10:00 am – 12:00 am – I or another member of staff prepares snack. I ask children to wash their hands, clean table & children sit. I encourage them to help themselves to food provided, use please & thank you & ask if they would like milk or water. When snack is over the table is cleaned, children are wiped & they engage in free play. I will check nappies for my key children & change if wet or soiled. I will ask the children to sit on carpet area & sing hello, sing songs & read a story. I will then collect their shoes & coats & take them in garden. Here I encourage running, throwing & observing the environment.

12:00pm – 14:00pm – Lunch for the children & lunch for me! Usually for these hours I have lunch at 13:00 – 14:00 & well-deserved rest & food.

14:00pm – 15:00pm – Again its free play time & some children sleep. I give cuddles, do any nappies, provide adult led activities & have a good old mess around! I love being silly with the children, they really enjoy a bit of slapstick!

15:00pm – 17:00pm – Afternoon snack & very much the same as morning snack. After snack I will do another group time & vary it from the morning one, use instruments, a story sack or a group game. Out in to the garden… Oh, it’s raining! Still outside for some fresh air, a run around & splashing in the puddles!

17:00pm – 18:00pm – Myself or another staff member will prepare tea for the children. I help them eat if needed. Whilst they are eating & if they are with another staff member, I begin having a tidy. Take any dirty plates, cups etc. to the dishwasher. Children are beginning to go home, I tell parents all about their child’s day, what they have eaten, when they slept & how long, what activities they did & how they have been emotionally. Once they have all gone I check all the jobs, make sure they are completed, sign everyone out & file paper work.

18:15pm – Home time! Back on the bus & home at around 19:00 pm. It’s a busy day & I love it!

Throughout the day I will try & observe my key children by writing things they do that are new or relevant to their progress. If we are quiet I can have some paper work time. This gives me the opportunity to add photos to children’s book, add my written observations, complete their next steps for the planning & any other writing I need to do.

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