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5 Halloween crafts

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Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to get crafty, there are so many inexpensive ways to create fun projects that children will love! No two will ever be exactly the same and we have no doubt that the children will love making one or all of these crafts.

Handprint spiders

So simple and yet so effective!! If you don’t have black paper/card, you can paint the little ones hands black and do paint handprints. 2 handprints, wrists meet in the middle make instant spiders. Cut them out, pop string/ wool on them to hang them up and some spooky googly eyes (or stickers and colour pupils in) and you have yourself a spooky fun spider.

Yoghurt pot monsters

Once your little ones finish their yoghurt, keep the pots and clean them out. Colour/ paint them (paint mixed with PVA helps it stick) Let the little ones pick their colour monster. Draw/ stick eyes and a scary mouth onto the pot and you have yourself a scary monster

Toilet roll bats

2902851c6e0f084a69ba63645497eaf7We always keep a stash of toilet roll holders and for this craft they come in very handy. There are so many variations to this that you can choose what suits you best, or do them all! Pinch and glue the top of the tube together, with points at the side for ears, paint/ colour or roll and stick black card around the tube to make the body of the bat. Draw 2 wings onto black card and cut them out. Stick onto the middle of the tube.

Ghosty footprints

Really easy and lots of fun for all!! Get a dark piece of card or paper, paint the little ones feet white and print them onto the paper. (You could draw round their feet on paper and cut out if you’d rather) Turn them upside down (once paint is dry) and draw a spooky face onto the heel and voila you have a ghosty footprint.

Paper plate ghosts

Along the ghosty theme, cut out or draw ghostly face onto the paper plate. Cut strips of tissue/ white crepe/tissue paper and hand from the bottom of the plate for his floaty body. Attach some long spooky arms onto the sides of the plate and you’ve got a spooky floaty ghost.

So, there we have 5 crafts for Halloween, we hope you have lots of fun making them. Have you got a favourite craft for Halloween?

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